Relax, Repair, Replenish, Renew, Rejuvenate your SKIN & state of MIND with our raw, unrefined whipped shea butter.  Hand crafted and whipped by Catrena Alexis Camronn & Staff at Simply Whipped.  Raw shea butter comes in a hard solid form which is not so easy to use, but the benefits are astonishing.  At Simply Whipped Shea Butter, we developed a formula that makes applying raw shea butter simple.  My children played a very important role in the development of this product. I had to create a product that was simple to use, so they would use it everyday.  My son Camronn VP, developed extremely dry, cracked skin from the use of asthma treatment medication.  My daughter Alexis VP, in her teen years wanted to wear her hair down, but naturally curly hair & humidity/sweat don't mix.  The raw unrefined shea butter was the only product that worked on Camronns skin all day & used with blowdrying/flat ironing Alexis' hair to help straighten without chemicals & resist humidity. An added bonus, it grew Alexis' hair like a wild weed.

I introduced the product to ER nurses & staff at Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital, ESL.  They gave only raved reviews because the shea butter aided in joint stiffness/muscle relaxation of their hands from typing, as well as, the healing of their extremely dry hands, which are washed multiple times during a shift.  Simply Whipped Shea Butter is designed for all skin colors, types, & ages to improve the texture, appearance, & feel of your skin.  In 2013, Camronn VP & I created a Sweet Pea Scented Whipped Shea Butter as a birthday surprise for Elizabeth Kish in the ER.  The response was overwhelming.  We then realized that aromatherapy is a powerful tool. Touchette Regional Hospital Staff in all departments have requested amazing fragrances, which has been the foundation of the Premiere List, The Black List, & Raise The Bar.  We thank you.  LOOK GOOD - SMELL GOOD - FEEL GOOD  Thanks for visiting us at Simply Whipped Shea Butter. DO YOUR SKIN A FAVOR!!!  Catrena Alexis Camronn  CEO ER/BHU RN